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At Covenant Woods Retirement, we believe that true well-being encompasses both the body and the mind. Situated in the heart of Columbus, Georgia, our community prioritizes the health and happiness of every resident, creating a nurturing environment that fosters physical vitality and mental peace. Our dedicated team works diligently to curate a range of wellness activities that cater to all, ensuring that every resident can find a pathway to their best health.

Our robust fitness programs, ranging from traditional exercise classes to sessions in our enclosed heated pool, are tailored to cater to varying experience and independence levels. The serene surroundings of Columbus further enhance our wellness offerings, with the interconnected Dragonfly Trails offering the perfect setting for refreshing walks, jogs, or even a bicycle ride. Beyond physical wellness, our range of mindfulness programs, from yoga to positive thinking sessions, nurture the mind, ensuring mental clarity and peace. Nutrition is a core component of our well-being mantra. With three nutritious meals prepared daily, residents enjoy a balanced diet that fuels both the body and spirit.

Yoga/Mindfulness Session:

Yoga/Mindfulness Session

Nutritious Dining:

Exercise in Heated Pool:

Exercise in Heated Pool

Embrace a holistic approach to health at Covenant Woods Retirement. With a harmonious blend of physical activities, mental wellness sessions, and a vibrant social environment, here’s where health meets happiness. Dive deeper into our Health & Well-Being offerings, and let’s journey together towards a life of vitality, peace, and contentment.